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Cinthya Calero, Registered Behavior Technician

My name is Cinthya Calero, I’m originally from Bolivia and have live in the U.S. for eleven years. I’m a positive person and I love to laugh so comedies are my thing! I enjoy being outdoors and spending time with my family in nature. I’m bilingual (English/ Spanish) and passionate about learning about other cultures.

I possess a bachelor’s degree in Business administration with a major in Marketing.

During college I worked part time as a preschool assistant teacher, I also volunteered at the burned children’s hospital for an organization called “Smile movement”.

In the U.S. I’ve worked in childcare for about five years before starting my family.  When my son was about three years old I’ve learned that he had Autism and as soon as he started having ABA services I noticed the positive impact ABA had on him which fueled my desire to learn more about the science of behavior.  I began attending every workshop I could in an effort to grow my knowledge of the IEP process as well as ABA, occupational, speech and physical therapy in the academic setting.

I recently completed my RBT training and passed the Registered Behavior Technician board exam and am a proud RBT and utilize my training and education in homes and communities with children with autism.

I find the field of ABA to be rewarding and I truly I love it!  My plan is to become a BCBA in the future and help families and individuals with disabilities to overcome obstacles and have the best life they can.

Nimah Sheikh-Adam, Registered Behavior Technician

Nimah Sheikh-Adam graduated from Saint Catherine University in St. Paul, Minnesota with a Bachelors in Public Health with a concentration on Health and Social Sciences in December 2015. Currently she is pursuing a Master’s in Special Education with a concentration on Applied Behavior Analysis. Nimah has several years of experience working with children in varies setting such as public schools as well as day care facilities, ranging from age gap of toddlers to early school age. Nimah passed her Registered Behavior Technician exam in 2018 and possess extensive hands on training and experience providing direct services to children and young adults between the ages of 2-17. 


Nimah is bilingual and has experience working with a wide variety of cultures.


Montana Khreich, Registered Behavior Technician

Originally from San Diego, CA, Montana spent the last 5 years in Fayetteville, AR before making the move to DC to join Autism Behavioral Solutions, LLC. While working on her degree at the University of Arkansas (woo pig sooie!) Montana took a position as a special education paraprofessional and quickly realized that she had a talent for behavior intervention! Her favorite parts of working in ABA are building relationships and seeing her clients make progress! Montana has significant experience working with AAC devices and helping children expand their abilities to communicate.  


When she isn’t working, Montana loves visiting museums and taking her dog sightseeing.

Vladi Pena, Registered Behavior Technician

I have been working with children since the age of 16. I have always had a real passion for helping children in any and every way possible. I am currently studying at NVCC and then transferring to pursue my BS in Child Psychology. Prior to working in the ABA field, I was a preschool teacher. Throughout my early childhood education career, I’ve had inclusive classrooms with students who had incredible RBT’s and ABA therapists come in and work with them. I was so inspired by the work that the ABA team did for these children and truly noticed the huge impact it made on these little angels. My passion has always been to help children grow and I feel I did that as a teacher but I see the world of difference that children experience through ABA and I feel I’d make a larger impact through this incredible field. I want to help enrich children’s lives to help them reach their highest potential for their future. I’ve truly taken to the ABA field and I’m excited for my future in this field.


Adam Easter, Registered Behavior Technician

A graduate of George Mason University with his Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, Adam has always wanted to work in a field where he gets to help people. After graduating in 2019, he started working as an RBT in which he completed his coursework, received his certification, and found a passion for the field of ABA. Adam is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in Psychology with a concentration in ABA with the goal of obtaining his BCBA certification. He hopes to continue his education all the way to a PhD in ABA. Adam has extensive experience providing services to kids 2-8 and loves every minute of it.

When not working, Adam loves going hiking with his fiancé and their dog, Callie!

Nyah Swann, Registered Behavior Technician

Hello lovely people! My name is Nyah Swann, I am a 24 year old ball of energy. I am from Waldorf, MD where I currently still reside. I have an undergraduate degree in Psychology and am currently enrolled in a Masters of Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Liberty University. My goal is to become a licensed counselor as well as a BCBA. I am a fitness lover and make up fanatic. My favorite quote comes from Maya Angelou “ When you learn, teach. When you get, give.”