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ABA Therapy

Available Services


We understand that scheduling multiple therapies can be tough, that's why we offer teletherapy. Teletherapy offers the benefits of in-person ABA with the convenience of flexible scheduling and without additional people in the home. 

*Teletherapy options are only available with approval from your insurance provider


We are currently able to offer in school support to children who are enrolled in preschool or private schools with the school's approval. In school services allow us to target functional learning skills including attending, following instructions, and participation as well as social and play skills in the environment where the skills are used.


*We are unable to provide this service to students enrolled in

ACPS or FCPS at this time


The majority of our clients recieve in-home ABA services. This allows us to provide intensive treatment within a familiar enviornment. Home based services also allow for regular parent participation and training. 


Our home based services are currently provided on block schedules from 8-12 or 12:30- 4:30. Length of sessions is dependent on each child's unique

treatment plan. 

Skill and placement aSSESMENTS

Placement tests can provide information about areas where your child is making progress as well as where they may need a little more support. At ABS we use several research backed assessments to ensure that your child receives the services they need to reach their full potential.


If your child is struggling to make progress in speech or OT despite consistent treatment there could be a behavioral or motivational issue contributing to their difficulties. Our BCBA will attend sessions with your child in order to troubleshoot what is standing in the way of their success. 

group Trainings

Do you know a group of educators, first responders or parents looking to expand their knowledge of working with disabled or neurodiverse populations? Our team is available to lead trainings that range from the  behavioral basics and classroom management, to best practices and strategies for interacting with autistic individuals in emergency situations. 

Ready to take the first step?

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